Vinashin Group

Head Office
Address: 172 Ngoc Khanh str. – Ba Dinh dist. – Hanoi
Tel:  +84(4)
Fax: +84(4)

The Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group ( Vinashin) was established in May 2006 on the basis of Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

The Vinashin Group is a multiple-owner business with the State holding a majority stake, comprised of State-owned and equities subsidiaries. The Group functions as the financial investor and controls the capital holdings in its subsidiary companies, technology, trademarks and markets of the entity Group.

The Group’s strategy is based on plain, common sence principles: hard work, clear vision and added value for the clients. In putting clients and human being at first, we also highly appreciate business ethics, corporate governance and transparency of operation priority.

The Vinashin Group has set up a long term strategy and has begun to make significant accomplishments to fulfill the goals and new affirm position at both domestic and international markets.

Nowadays, Vinashin not only represents approximately 80% of the domestic shipbuilding capacity, but also a diversified spectrum of products which includes ship repair, offshore constructions, supporting industries and research services. With a corporate structure currently overseeing of a handful subsidiaries and affiliates, Vinashin is by far among the most active industry players in Vietnam and also being considered a new yet potentially powerful participant in the international market.

Most recognizable in the Group structure are tens shipyards of various scale and capacity, ranging from sub-handy to VLCC size and some joint ventures between the Group and distinctive names in respective industries.

The ultimate goal of the Group is to strengthen its core business with essential supporting arms of relevant business sector and being one of the prime propelling forces for a well sustainable economic growth of Vietnam.