New Dredger Delivered to Lung Lo Construction Corporation

The dredger IHC Beaver 5014C, manufactured by the Dutch IHC Beaver Dredgers B.V. Company, was delivered to Lung Lo Construction Corporation, reports

This modern dredging machine, once operational, will contribute to promoting productivity and quality of the group’s port constructions activities.

IHC Beaver® 5014 C

This type of dredgers is equipped with a single high-pressure submerged dredge pump, mounted on the ladder. This high efficiency dredge pump is directly driven by the diesel engine, via the IHC Pivoting Gearbox.

The prime mover for the dredge pump is a modern computer-controlled diesel engine with low fuel consumption, and low NOx and soot emissions.

This combination results in the lowest possible costs per cubic meter of dredged material, for both cutter and wheel dredgers. The type designation of the NG IHC Beaver® series relates to the diameter of the delivery pipeline, the dredging depth and the cutting tool.

Principal particulars

Length overall, ladder raised – 35.10m;

Length over pontoons, moulded – 23.50m;

Breadth, moulded – 9.50m;

Depth, moulded – 2.46m;

Side pontoons, moulded – 23.50m x 2.95m x 2.46m;

Mean draught with full bunkers approx. (standard design) – 1.50m.