Saigon shipmarin

Saigon Shipbuilding and Marine Industry One Member Co.,Ltd

Lines of business:

1. Designing, shipbuilding and repairing all kinds of boats, ships and floating means. Repairing all kinds of crane, lifting equipments and cleaning tankers.

2. Marine services, ship’s chandler and supplier, water and land transportation, broker, forwarder and shipping agent.

3. Importing and exporting machines, equipments, materials and accessories for shipbuilding and civil industries.

4. Trading, importing and exporting all kinds of goods: consumer goods, agricultural, industrial craft products, agricultural and building materials, chemical.

5. Buoy and port operation, stevedoring, tally and tugboats.

6. Processing and assembling other industrial products.

7. Training technical workers for shipbuilding and other industries.

8. Agricultural, industrial craft products, agricultural materials and building materials, chemical, machines and superseded materials. Importing and exporting all kinds of foodstuffs.

9. Investing house service, civil, urban and house constructions. Building and installing sea – works, traffic works and irrigational works.

The contact information :

1. Director : Mr. Thai Van Hung

2. Deputy Director :

3. Deputy Director :

4. Manager of Purchasing Dept : Mr. Vu Cong Vuong

5. Manager of  Technical Dept :

: Mr. Le Hong Quang
: 2 Dao Tri, Phu Thuan Precinct, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
: (08) 37730234, 37730235
: (08) 37730236


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