Mega Port Multi Cargo Facility (MCF) in Hon Khoai Islands South Vietnam

We welcome your enquiry to participate in any of our projects especially the Hon Khoai Mega MCF Port in South Vietnam.

This project is the largest infrastructure project between Vietnam and Australia and is expected to be open by end 2016 at a structure cost of $3.5b. It will cater for Coal, Bulk goods, Container and RORO berths plus  2 petroleum and LNG berths all capable of taking the largest vessels afloat.

It will also have 12 Transshipment berths for other feeder ports plus ship  to shore light rail transfer system some 17.5km to mainland accessing an Industrial park of exporters with a neighboring Fuel farm Gas and Chemical storage facility. Then running another 27km to an Intermodal at Nam Can feeding Air, Road and Barge transfer.

The Mega Port project is set to break many records in Logistical efficiency, Capacity, Security and most of all Sustainability.

All of this is explained in the Initial Assessment Study (IAS) available by link on request.

Along with Part A B D of the TENDER document

Supply of Coal to Power Plants in South Vietnam;

N&M has signed an off take agreement with Boutique Coal Limited here in Australia to supply the Vietnam Power industry up to 20M mt/a of New Clean Coal (DSX100) which will reduce the emissions in that country lower than international standards expected.

More details of this new Cleaner Coal product DSX100 which will have excess production available of an additional 40M mt/a once BCL is in full production. These details will be posted on our News items as it progresses.

CSIRO underwater Bomb detection.

We are currently working with the CSIRO on an underwater magnetic detection system which will allow us to detect same and dispose of any unspent ordinance prior to dredging the 50,000,000 tonne of material needed to establish the port. See upcoming News items

Water Australia, best water solutions in sustainability;

They have been working with us to achieve a standard of excellence with several Australian companies going through their assessment programme in order for the Port to deliver a sustainable water, capture, treatment and recycle delivery system plus a desalination plant all capable of serving not only the port but the local community as well.

Design 51;Wave capture and power generation;

They have completing the design of the world’s largest breakwater wave powered plant along with Oceanlinx, Obnover Concrete and Bluesky logistics, delivering 400MW power plant to enable our Mega MCF port in Vietnam to be self sustainable.The News item will be added as and when drawings can be released. Full scale demonstration units are to be installed  off South Australia and possibly on Port Kembla breakwater,  these units will be fully operational this year and a full size unit will be exported to Vietnam for location testing.

Austrade; are assisting us to achieve a 60% Australian participation in the Vietnam Hon Khoai Mega MCF $3.5b Port project.