Dung Quat shipyard


DUNG QUAT SHIPYARD (DQS) was established on 20th February 2006. At present, DQS is a subsidiary company of PetroVietnam, which is a strong economic corporation in Vietnam known worldwide.
With the goal of building and repairing a wide range of products such as tugs, barges, handy bulk carriers, crude oil tankers, VLCC, offshore rigs etc. DQS have had opened a new stage for Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry.

Through the process of effort and development, we have operated on many activities:

Building and repairing ships, floating transport, making steel composition of kinds of crane, equipments for technology of manufacture maritime transport, old ship breaking, restoring equipments and machines
Trade in materials, spare parts and accessories, kinds of commodities related to shipbuilding industry
Basic and production design of transportation equipments, ship equipments
Loading and unloading commodities at pier; supplying agent, ship towing and cleaning; wasted steels
Manufacturing and assembling Diesel engines for ships
Manufacturing tanks and containers
Manufacture ship steels, high tensile steels
Manufacture and assembling materials and ship interior
Manufacture spare parts of equipment for shipbuilding industry
Manufacture materials, mechanical equipments, electricity, electrotherapy, and electronics for shipbuilding industry
Manufacture production pipeline structure
Port services; checking and collecting statistic services
Loading and unloading commodities, agent for warehouse and transportation
Inspect, survey in shipbuilding and repairing
: Mr. Tran Hoai An
: Tan Hy Commune, Binh Dong Village, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province, S.R. Vietnam
: +84 055 3620055
: +84 055 3611464

The contact information :

1. Director : Mr. Tran Hoai An

2. Deputy Director : Phan Hung Duong

3. Deputy Director :

4. Manager of Purchasing Dept :

5. Commercial Dept : Mr. Vo Son

6. Manager of  Technical Dept :

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