Song Thu shipyard

Song Thu One-member Limited liability Company has been located on area of 10 hectares, at the South East of Da Nang city,  the Han River on the east, highway to Da Nang city on the west, 03 km from Danang railway station, 02 km from Danang international airport . Da Nang  is the transportation hub to neighboring area such as Hoi An ancient town, Bana mountain, Marble mountain. Actually, Song Thu company has many priorities from geographical location.

In which

Area of Production and business: 09 hectares

Area of Production management : 01 hectare

With regards to building and repairing vessel, Song Thu company has been applying many Europe advanced technologies

  • Building vessel according to the design of the developed countries from Europe such as The Netherlands, Germany, Norway.
  • Cutting steel/aluminum plate, profile by CNC automatic cutting machine
  • Welding plate by automatic and semi-automatic welding machines
  • Processing interior furniture on the advanced and modern production line imported from Europe.
  • Launching vessel on the ship-lift system from Roll-Royce/American

Song Thu One-member Limited liability Company, being the first unit of the Viet Nam and the 2nd one in Southeast Asia (behind Singapore) has modern electro-mechanic Ship-lift system from Rolls-Royce/American. This system has successfully been installed and put into operation in May 2005. With capacity of 1,600 MTS, controlled by computer software, it is easy to lift vessel up and down quickly and efficiently. Lifting capacity by ship-lift system is more than 5 times by floating dock. The very remarkable feature of this system is very friendly with environment.
To meet higher and higher requirements of quality products, services as well as expanding market, Song Thu One-member Limited liability Company has continuously improved the quality control system in order to produce high standard products. Since June 2010, the company has achieved certificate of ISO 9001:2008, registration number VTU6009706 approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, in the field of oil tanker cleaning. Currently, the company is finishing the final work to receive certificate of ISO 9001:2008 approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in the field of ship building and repair.
The contact information :

1. Director : Mr. Ha Son Hai

2. Deputy Director : Mr. Pham Hong Nam

3. Deputy Director : Bui Hoang Hai

4. Manager of Purchasing Dept : Mr. Vien

5. Manager of  Technical Dept :

Contact Information:
: Mr. Ha Son Hai
: 152 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Danang City
: (84.5113) 639106 / 622902
: (84.5113) 639106

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