X46 shipyard


Hai Long company or so-called naval shipyard X46 was established on 26th April 1955 on the basis of taking over a repair shipyard that belonged to the French colony built in 1918. Since its foundation, Hai Long has been invested and developed into a modern, well-equipment shipbuilding and repair yard.

At present, Hai Long has an area of 13 hectares for production consisting of two sites, A and B. Site A has an area of 7 hectares with a modern, synchronized infrastructure in which workshops and equipments are enabled to build and repair ships within 100 meters in LOA and up to 3500 deadweight. Site B is under construction with bigger scale and up-to-date equipped, aiming ready for production in August 2008.

Hai Long’s main business is shipbuilding, covering both the naval and civil products. As for the naval ships, Hai Long is capable of building almost various kinds of warship and high speed vessels up to 500 tons displacement.

In the field of civil ships, Hai Long is adapted in building any kinds of modern ships fully complying with the rules and regulations of any classification societies in the world and meeting the requirements of any international general standards and safety conventions and being able to travel through any sort of waterways. Hai Long has its strength in the specific, sophisticated handy-size products known as high-tech and high-valued ships ranging from offshore vessels, tugboats to high speed crafts.

Hai Long has grown to acquire a leading position in specific, sophisticated shipbuilding based on standardized designs. This concept is constantly giving the yard to the ability to offer its customers well-proven vessels, very short delivery times and competitive prices.

Ultimately, Hai Long is not only actively expanding the continual production scale to enforce its market competitive power but also try to be the leader of specific handy size ships in the nation-wide and global shipbuilding industry.

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