Rolls-Royce: Syncrolift Officially Open for Service

Rolls-Royce: Syncrolift Officially Open for Service

Rolls-Royce announced today that the largest capacity Syncrolift® shiplift to be built in Vietnam is now officially open for service. The Syncrolift has been installed as a key element of a major new shipbuilding and ship repair development at New Song Thu shipyard.

Rolls-Royce designed and supplied the Syncrolift, which acts like a large elevator that raises and lowers vessels in and out of the water for dry-docking ashore. It has a docking platform 98 metres long with a width of 20 metres, and a maximum net lifting capacity of more than 4,500 tonnes. This is the eighth to be installed in Vietnam.

Andrew Smith, Director of the Syncrolift business unit in Rolls-Royce said: “We are proud to support New Song Thu as they advance their shipbuilding capabilities to a new level. We look forward to helping them make this new venture a success.”

Colonel Ha Son Hai, Chairman of the Song Thu Company, said: “New Song Thu is the most technologically advanced shipyard in Vietnam today. We needed a state of the art shiplift with a proven track record for reliable, predictable and safe operation. Based on our 30 plus years experience in using Syncrolift the choice was a simple one, and it satisfied all of our requirements. This latest addition will enable us to provide the flexible and efficient docking services that meet the needs of our growing customer base in the region.”

The new shiplift is the third Syncrolift installation within Vietnam’s Danang area. The first was built in 1968 and is still operating efficiently. The second was installed in 2004 by the same shipyard. The hoists from their existing system were reinstalled in the new and larger Syncrolift, demonstrating the unique flexibility offered by the modular system. This third Syncrolift will be a key tool in expanding the number of vessels that can be worked on at any one time at the yard, serving both military and commercial customers.