Dung Quat 2 IZ reveals detailed plans

The 1/2000-scale planning of Dung Quat 2 Industrial Zone (IZ) in central Quang Ngai Province’s Binh Son District.— File Photo

QUANG NGAI (VNS) — Dung Quat Economic Zone’s Management Board yesterday announced the 1/2000-scale planning of Dung Quat 2 Industrial Zone (IZ) in central Quang Ngai Province’s Binh Son District.

The IZ lays in the Dung Quat Economic Zone, the industrial zone for heavy industries, such as oil refinery, chemical industry, shipbuilding, steel refining, thermo-electricity as well as supporting industries in line with the Dung Quat 2 deep water seaport.

According to the plans, land for construction of factories, storehouses and service buildings accounted for 63 per cent, while 14 per cent is for traffic infrastructure and the remaining 23 per cent is to be left for green spaces.

Covering an area of nearly 2,820 ha, Dung Quat 2 IZ borders with Dung Quat 2 Port in the north-east, Van Truong New Urban Area in the north-west and Sa Ky Urban Zone in the south-east.

In addition, the planning of Sa Ky Urban Zone was announced yesterday. As a satellite urban zone of Dung Quat Economic Zone, it would provide accommodation and living facilities for workers and local residents. It will stretch over 400 ha into Son Tinh District’s Tinh Hoa Commune and Binh Son District’s Binh Chau Commune.

Dung Quat Economic Zone was among five coastal economic zones prioritised in receiving State investment in order to develop into an economic zone of multi-sectors with a focus on heavy industries and an open industrial city in the future.

The provincial authorities are speeding up construction of infrastructure to attract more investment into the zone. — VNS

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