PIRIOU Bags Two 53m FPSVs

PIRIOU Bags Two 53m FPSVs

After delivering the first four 53m Fast Passenger & Supply Vessels (FPSVs), PIRIOU has just won an order for 2 new units which will also be built in Vietnam.

SUISSE OUTREMER AG group has just confirmed an order for two 53m units, the “KathrinT” and the “Karol W”, for delivery in May and September 2014, which will be commercially operated by ABC MARITIME AG in West Africa.

With the same hull and propulsion system, each of these ships will offer the same level of performance to the different ship owners, whilst leaving the choice of certain options, such as the outfitting of lounges and the type of freight to be transported, to them.

Pascal PIRIOU, CEO of the PIRIOU group declared “the order from a first rate shipowner such as ABC MARITIME AG confirms our positioning as leader of the crew boat market. The quality of our Vietnamese constructions, which meet the most stringent international standards, and series production enables us to be particularly competitive in a rapidly expanding world offshore oil market“.

Piriou starts construction of a 41m FPSV 

Bolstered by this success, PIRIOU will be starting work on a new FPSV model, a 41m version with a capacity of 80 passengers/50 tonnes of freight. The delivery of the first unit is planned for the end of 2014.