The luxury inland passenger vessel “RV Mekong Navigator” has been building at Saigon Shipmarin since May 2013 for Hoa Sen Yacht Ltd. Designed and to be built according to Vietnam Register Rules and National Inland Regulations.

This vessel have main Specification as follow:

Length design (Lmax):                     69.30 m.

Breadth design (Bmax):                   12.70 m.

Depth (H):                                        3.50 m.

Draft (d):                                         1.90 m.

Room, passenger:                            34 rooms, 72 persons.

Recently, all hull’s blocks have completed and going to be ready for erection on this September and steel works will be completed on track end of November 2013.

Good quality and working on schedule are points that made us gain more Client’s trust and high appreciation. It’s a step up for Saigon Shipmarin to improve our new-building activities, approach and catch up with modern international standards.

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