Saigon Shipmarin completes new LPGC

Vietnamese shipyard Saigon Shipbuilding & Marine Industries One Member Co, Ltd. (Saigon Shipmarin) recently completed the construction of a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carrier for near shore and river operations.

Designed by a sister company to Saigon Shipmarin, the FACO has a length of 60 meters, beam of 11 meters, depth of 4 meters and draft of 2.6 meters. Owned by the F.A. Joint Stock Company, the FACO has a capacity of 1,400 m3 in two tanks and is built to the Vietnam Register Rules and National Inland Regulations.

Propulsion power is supplied by a pair of Cummins 855 diesels delivering 400 hp each. Two Cumming 6C engines power 120 kW generator sets.

The FACO is the first vessel built by the shipyard to this design, which could develop into a growing new class.

Mr. Le Cong Vuong – Manager of Business Dept of Saigon shipmarin shipyard

Saigon Shipmarin is a member of SBIC (Shipbuilding Industry Corporation) and is under the control of the Vietnam Ministry of Transport. The shipyard, located at Ho Chi Minh City, operates as a new building and ship repair facility. The shipyard’s products include OSVs, tugs boats, LPG tankers, and passenger vessels.