Quang Ninh province puts operational firefighting ship to sea

Ship FB175 in a trial operation. (Photo: QTV)

On January 22, the Hai Long shipbuilding and ship repair company handed over a ship and a speedboat for firefighting and rescue work to the Quang Ninh police, the first two pieces of equipment of their kind operating at sea in the province.

The ship and speedboat, with aluminum hull, serve firefighting work for ships and boats operating around the river mouth at the maritime region next to Ha Long Bay. They will also be used in search and rescue work, picking up cadres and serving patrol work.
Firefighting ship, FB175, has two main engines and can run at 20 nautical miles per hour in the condition of high wave at 7 and 8 scale, while boat FB165 can be operated in the big wave at 3 and 4 scale.

These are the first such vessels designed and built in Vietnam. Apart from modern equipment, they are equipped with rescue and firefighting devices and those that prevent them from sinking and being wrecked./.