Norway seeks links with Vietnam’s maritime firms

Norway wants to seek all-around cooperation with Vietnamese firms in sea transport as Vietnam is among the ASEAN countries that are strong in this realm.

It was voiced by Harald Neavdal, head of Innovation Norway’s maritime and oil and gas sector, at an international workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on March 18.

Director of Norwegian Maritime Export Company Terje Lillenes said Vietnam and Norway share similarities in coastal area and length. Norway ranks fifth in the world in terms of vessel fleets with over 3,000 active firms, earning over 80 billion USD each year.

The Norwegian companies look forward to working with Vietnamese partners in shipbuilding, design and production of navigation equipment, among others, he said.

Norwegian experts shared the view that the equitisation of the Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinaline) in 2014-2015 will offer relevant Norwegian firms new chances as its seaports still generate profits.

Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries Kristine Pedersen said the Government of Norway is also eyeing cooperation with Vietnam in such fields as free trade and industrial production, towards lifting two-way trade to a new height.

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