Winel Group (Netherlands) to expand production in Hai Phong

The task force of Winel Group (Netherlands) led by Mr Peter, Director General of Winel Vietnam has recently worked with city leaders about plans to expand business and invest in manufacturing specialized doors for ocean-going vessels in Haiphong.


Winel Group has invested in Hai Phong through WinelVietnam. At present, the company is producing some types of dedicated doors for ships. Key partner of Winel Group is the Damen Song Cam Shipyard. In order to exploit the potential of shipbuilding industry in the city, Winel Group has approved Winel Vietnam to invest more capital, expand the business scale, raise capacity of equipment manufacturing plant and produce high-quality marine ship doors, automatic valve system for maritime and military vessels. The group’s leaders stated that, in September 2014, the company plans to recruit employees in Haiphong, who will get further training to serve the long-term production.

Chairman Duong Anh Dien affirmed that the city will create favorable conditions for the enterprise and emphasized that Haiphong shipbuilding industry is now on the way of recovering and increasing the localization rate, improving turnover, targeting high-quality products in the future. The city encourages enterprises engaging in shipbuilding auxiliary industries for further investment. With the constructions of transportation infrastructure which has been and will be extensively invested in the area, Hai Phong will surely become an appealing destination for domestic and foreign investors.