Piriou Delivers FSSIV Kacey to Suisse Outremer AG

Piriou Delivers FSSIV Kacey to Suisse Outremer AG
PIRIOU has delivered a 53-meter Fast Supply and Intervention Vessel (FSIV) Kacey to Switzerland-based maritime company SUISSE OUTREMER AG. PIRIOU-designed FSIV Kacey is built in the company’s South East Asia shipyard located in Vietnam.This is the first of a series of three units ordered by SUISSE OUTREMER AG which will be commercially operated by ABC MARITIME AG.

“This first collaboration with ABC MARITIME AG reinforces PIRIOU’s positioning as a major player on the fast crew boat segment for which PIRIOU will deliver another 6 units of this model in 2014,” the company said in a release.The FSIV 53w is described as a highly versatile aluminium vessel able to perform multiple missions for the offshore industry, particularly personnel transportation and cargo on deck.With a sea proven design developed by PIRIOU INGENIERIE recognizable by her straight
bow improving the performance and personnel comfort, this FSIV 53w offers a range of advantages:

– improved light and loaded ship speed with constant consumption,
– significant improvement of economic regime consumption,
– maximum comfort with a lounge fitted with 48 seats (“Business Class” option) and two owners’ cabins.

FSIV Kacey also offers a large autonomy (135 m3 of fuel oil) and an important 226 t cargo deck. Thanks to her waterjet propulsion and her class 2 dynamic positioning system (DP2), she has high maneuverability.