Vietnam launches most advanced coast guard vessel

Coast guard vessel 8005, which is the second multi-purpose ship of the DN2000 line built by Song Thu Corporation, meets all the international standards and is made based on a design by Dutch engineers.


The DN 2000 line is currently the country’s most versatile and advanced coast guard vessel, the shipbuilding corporation said at the ceremony in Da Nang City.

The ship, which has a displacement of up to 2,400 metric tons, can operate in the open sea for 40 consecutive days within a range of 5,000 nautical miles and survive gusts blowing at 118-133km per hour.

The vessel will be assigned to the Vietnam Coast Guard to conduct sea patrols, search and rescue missions and transport personnel and support for defense forces on Vietnamese islands, according to coast guard officials.

Vessel 8005 was put into the water by Song Thu and the Vietnam Coast Guard six months ahead of schedule, which was originally set for early April 2016.