Ningbo Xinle wins chemical tanker of Prime Shipping ( Vietnamese tanker )

Prime Shipping Corporation, a Vietnamese tanker operator, turned out to have signed a newbuilding agreement with Ningbo Xinle Shipbuilding for 2+2 26,300dwt chemical tankers.

Designed by Shanghai-based Odely Marine Engineering, the vessels are slated for delivery from July 2017.

Prime Shipping Corporation owns six tankers in the range of 7,000 dwt – 45,000 dwt and two LPG carriers. Meanwhile, Ningbo Xinle won a 6,700 dwt cement carrier for 2017 delivery from Italian shipowner Romeo Group in the mid-2015. Earlier in the mid-2014, the shipyard signed a newbuilding contract with Elcano for two 13,000 dwt stainless steel chemical tankers. In November 2013, it entered into a newbuilding agreement for 2+2 units of 19,800 dwt Duplex stainless steel chemical tanker with Arcoin.

Website of Prime Shipping :

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