Viet Nam, Russia eye shipbuilding ties

In an interview with Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Moscow, he said the two countries have co-ordinated in this field for years.


The Klylov State Research Centre and the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology Centre of Russia are considering the possibility of implementing Viet Nam’s proposals to help the country’s shipbuilding technology meet international standards.

The two centres are also considering working together in building a deep-sea fleet in Viet Nam, and collecting necessary information about Russia’s fishing vessel building projects in order to satisfy Viet Nam’s proposals, he said.

He stressed the need to define the kind of ship that would have an advantage in Viet Nam, as well as learning about the country’s infrastructure facilities to serve the building of these ships.

Russia is willing to consider financial plans to carry out joint projects with the Southeast Asian country, he stated, adding that Russia’s universities are also willing to help Viet Nam train students on shipbuilding, while the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology Centre is ready to consider the provision of hi-tech equipment for the country.