NA Chairwoman invites Australian investment in mining, shipbuilding

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan welcomed mining group Alcoa and ship-builder Austal to invest in Vietnam during her meeting with the two companies’ executives in Perth on December 1.

Ngan, who is on an official visit to Australia, appreciated Alcoa group’s intention to invest in the bauxite and aluminium industry in Vietnam.

Vietnam has huge bauxite reserves and several bauxite exploiting projects, she said, noting that the country sets high criteria for projects in the field in terms of environmental protection and technology application.

The Vietnamese National Assembly is committed to creating the best possible favourable conditions for foreign investors, including those from Australia, to do successful and long-term business in Vietnam, Ngan said, adding that she will convey Alcoa’s proposal to the Vietnamese Government.

She also extended thanks to leaders of the Austal Company for their wish to run business in Vietnam, underlining that Vietnam is a coastal country with huge shipbuilding development potential and skilled workforce.

The company can either build a new shipbuilding facility or buy the existing ones with available infrastructure facilities and skilled workers, she suggested, adding that Vietnam is restructuring state-owned enterprises, including those in the shipbuilding sector.

Leaders of the Austal Company asked the Vietnamese NA leader to help the company study the investment environment in the country. They said once decision is made on Vietnam, the company may start its investment project in March or April, 2018.

The company said they will consider Ngan’s suggestion on buying existing shipbuilding facilities in Vietnam.

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