SBIC ( Vinashin )

  1. Introduce
  2. Management
  3. Vinashin has 40-year-old CEO
  4. Vinashin has new general director
  5. Vinashin creditors approve zero-coupon bond extension: report
  6. Vinashin Investment ministry not to blame for shipping line scandal: minister
  7. Tacking the challenge of the banks bad debts
  8. Boom-bust Vietnam beats emerging stocks on state role easing
  9. Troubled Vietnam shipyard delivers year’s first vessel
  10. Interpol issues search warrant against two Vinashin ex-officials
  11. PM orders strict handling of Vinashin case
  12. Vinashin has to clear its debts despite difficulties: official
  13. Government-guaranteed bond good for Vinashin restructure: economist
  14. Vinashin Exchanges Debts for Bonds
  15. Russian ship conducts marine survey in Vietnam East Sea
  16. How big is Vietnam’s public debt, $128.9 or $66.8 billion?
  17. Raising Efficiency of Foreign Investment Attraction
  18. The police want the press to reveal sources
  19. India, Vietnam to Boost Cooperation in Shipbuilding
  20. Restructuring better solution for Vinalines, Vinashin: Deputy PM
  21. PM: Vietnam shipbuilding industry must be maintained
  22. Vinashin to complete debt restructuring in 2014
  23. VIETSHIP 2014
  24. Vinashin’s Headquarter gets ISO 9001-2008 Certificate
  25. Government steps in to save Vinashin with bond issue
  26. Massively indebted Vietnamese shipbuilder misses payment
  27. TTA Confirms Delivery of MV Thor Breeze from Vinashin (Vietnam)
  28. Government urges Vinashin to hasten restructuring process
  29. Vinashin One Step Closer to Restructuring
  30. Vinashin to lay off 14,000 workers
  31. Debt-ridden Vinashin cuts 14,000 jobs
  32. Team effort to aid troubled Vinashin
  33. The new Manager of Business and Trading Department of Vinashin
  34.  Vinashin to complete debt restructuring in 2013
  35. SCIC, DATC team effort to aid troubled Vinashin
  36. Vinashin cuts jobs as Vietnam overhauls state companies
  37. Three banks sell VND840 billion of bad debts
  38. DATC issues bonds to exchange oversea debts
  39. G-guaranteed bonds issued to help Vinashin
  40. Official says many solutions to rescue beleaguered Vinashin
  41. Voters propose strict trials of 10 ” great corruption case “
  42. New corporation takes charge of Vinashin Group
  43. SBIC turns Vinashin into the past
  44. Prime Minister apprives shipbuilding industry strategy
  45. Vinashin bankruptcy means wasted land in Haiphong
  46. SBIC yet to make gains
  47. SBIC signs MoU with Damen Group
  48. SBIC to release IPO by 2015
  49. Vinashin-SBIC unsure how to handle 73 subsidiaries
  50. Restructuring plans at eight subsidiaries of SBIC appraised